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“Gimme Your Bra”

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Alrighty before you guys go mad thinking why in a world HiShop suddenly asks for bras? Don’t worry! This is all for a good cause, and good cause only!


For those of you who may not know, October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Prior to that, HiShop collaborates with Uplift Malaysia to run the “Gimme Your Bra” campaign starting from 29th of September 2014 to 7th of November 2014. 

What is Gimme Your Bra?

  • We will be collecting second-hand bras, either used or new, which will then be donated to women in less economically developed countries (LEDC) through verified non-governmental organizations (NGO).
  • Collected bras will be donated to women in need who will then sell them to earn a living. In certain communities like in India, selling these bras can earn them 3 – 5 times of minimum wage.
  • Aside from that, bras are considered a luxury and not a necessity in disadvantaged communities. In other words, donated bras also give dignity and empower women/girls in communities.

Who is Uplift Malaysia? 

Uplift Project is a volunteer group founded in Australia who ships second-hand bras and coordinates their distribution to underprivileged women all around the Asia-Pacific region. Uplift Malaysia is an organization founded in February 2014 by Nicole Lee, acting as an official co-ordinator for the Uplift Project based in Australia.

How to Participate?

  1. Share the word to your families, friends, colleagues and the world!
  2. Blog about it, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and don’t forget to #HiShopMy & #GimmeYourBra (Make it public, then we will be able to see your tag)
  3. Upon submitting your parcel, do include your email address as we will be giving you RM20 cash voucher (with minimum purchase of RM99)!
  4. If you are looking to recycle the bras in your wardrobe, or you prefer to give brand new bras, feel free to deliver it to us to the address below:

HiShop Malaysia
22-3 Jalan PJU 8/5G
Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. We do accept used bras, however hygiene is still everybody’s concern right? Please ensure the bras are relatively clean, not torn, and clasps are not broken.
  2. Bra collection ends on the 31st of October 2014.
  3. Please refer this picture below for examples of bras which unfortunately, we are unable to accept:


Any inquiries feel free to ring us at 03-7725 2180 or drop an email to agnes@hishop.my

Till then~

Donate & Recycle your Bra for a Good Cause!



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MYCyberSALE, which takes place officially from the 29th September – 1st of October 2014, is a Malaysian online shopping campaign initiated by the government and spearheaded by MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation). It aims to heighten Malaysia’s online shopping culture.

Now, how do you ensure that you’re saving on HiShop? Here’s Top Ways to Save on HiShop:

1. Instant Rebate:


Because we love you, and we know how addictive & fun online shopping can be, we are giving you Instant Rebates on your purchase! Did I tell you this rebate starts on Saturday, 27th of September? Yes! Go on, you can claim your rebate HiShop!

Here’s how to qualify for an Instant Rebate:

- Get RM25 instant rebate with a minimum purchase of RM100  (discount code: SALE25)

- Get RM50 instant rebate with a minimum purchase of RM200 (discount code: SALE50)

2. 10x MORE Reward Points:

4Originally, you will get 1 point for every RM1 spent on HiShop. During this amazing sale period, you will get 10 TIMES MORE points! Not only you save, better yet, you are also rewarded!

3. Gift with Purchase!

Last day MYCyberSALE Special! Get this gorgeous 3 in 1 Pink Body Hygiene Bag for FREE, when you purchase RM250 and above on HiShop.

3 in 1 bag GWP-INSTA

You’ve reach the end. Go ahead. Make yourself comfortable at HiShop.my now!

#ThrowbackThursday: Koleksi Gambar Artis Malaysia Semasa Kecil

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Sekali-sekala kita pasti akan terjumpa gambar semasa kita kecil, detik kita tidak mengenal erti kecantikan dan juga bergaya. Pernahkah anda terfikir, bagaimanakan rupa artis Malaysia yang jelita dan kacak semasa mereka masih kanak-kanak? Adakah mereka sudah mula menjaga penampilan mereka dari kecil?

Jom kita layan koleksi gambar artis Malaysia semasa kecil. Mencuit hati!

Shila Amzah


4Fahrin Ahmad

2Siti Nurhaliza

4Lisa Surihani


Shaheizy Sam


Diana Danielle





4Fasha Sandha


Sungguh comel mereka bukan? Siapa pilihan hati anda? ;)

Wajah Selebriti Malaysia Selfie Tanpa Mekap [10 Gambar]

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Sudah menjadi lumrah artis untuk sentiasa kelihatan cantik, anggun dan jelita. Seringkali kita mengimpikan wajah seayu dan sempurna mereka setiap kali kita melihat mereka muncul di kaca TV.

Sebagai individu yang tergolong dalam kelompok menjadi perhatian ramai, memang agak jarang melihat artis muncul tanpa mekap, apatah lagi dengan penampilan wajah asli. Minggu ini, HiLife menampilkan koleksi gambar artis Malaysia mengambil selfie tanpa sebarang mekap.

Nora Danish

Carmen Soo

2Rozita Che Wan

Datuk Michelle Yeoh


Amber Chia

2Rita Rudaini

Fish Leong


artis cantik tanpa mekap neelofa

Lisa Surihani

artis cantik tanpa mekap lisa surihani

Apa pendapat anda? Meskipun tidak memakai sebarang mekap, mereka masih kelihatan cantik menawan bukan? Inilah yang dinamakan kecantikan asli dan semula jadi!

Nantikan entri eksklusif mengenai #Throwback Artis Malaysia dari HiLife minggu hadapan!

15 Best Makeup Transformations!

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Instagrammers everywhere are grabbing their girlfriend’s concealer to emulate their favorite celebs for giggles. Boys and girls, all of them takes makeup and filter obsession to another level with the celebrity makeup transformation. You have to see it to believe it, so we collected a few of the best ones for you here! We took the liberty of picking a winner too!  We saved the best for last. Brace yourself!

Anne Hathaway

Bruno Mars

Robert Downey Jr.

Miley Cyrus

Jack Sparrow / Johnny Depp

Kim Kardashian

Brad Pitt

Ann Curtis


Loki/ Tom Hiddleston

Owen Wilson

Michael Jackson

Nicki Minaj

Liam Hemsworth


Kimora Lee

Psst this girl is one of the Fabulous HiTeam!

And…the winner is? This awesome dude transforming into Dwayne Johnson. Well we seriously lost it at the cat!

If you think you can pull any of these celebrity make up transformations off better, we would love to see them! Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook! Don’t forget to #hishopmy & #makeuptransformation okay?

Till next time~

Top 5 Makeup Artists In Malaysia

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When we think of the world of fashion, the first two things that come to mind are the models and the designers. Similar to weddings or any glamorous events. Most people are dying to know who is donning Jovian’s masterpiece or who made Siti Nurhaliza’s dress.

Behind these people however are the make up artists. Make up artists play an important role as they enhance the model’s beauty and complement the designer’s creations. These people are the most sought after in the business. They have the hands that wield the brushes to make the models look even better than perfect!

Getting married soon? Looking for a makeup artist? Here is a list of the top five make up artists in Malaysia:

5) Grace Wang


She specializes in bridal makeup and she has been in the field since 2010. She believes that makeup will enhance personal features and boost self confidence.


Website: Grace Wang Makeup

Contact: 012-760 1752

Facebook: Grace Wang Bridal Makeup


4) Shamine Sanusi


This Kuala Lumpur-based makeup
artist wields her brushes to transform women
of all ages and races into stunning beauties.


Contact: 017-6591049

Facebook: Min and the Makeup

Instagram: @shaminism


3) Sheila Mohamad

2Not only gifted in wedding exclusive makeup, but she is also an expert in professional makeup. FYI, Ziana Zain is her loyal customer!


Website: Sheila Mohamad

Contact: 016-2464293

Facebook: Sheila Mohamad

Instagram: @sheila_mohd



2) Suki Ng

She provides Wedding makeup & Hairstyling based in Kuala Lumpur. She’s been in the field for about 6 years now.


Contact: 0162127244

Website: Suki Ng Bridal Makeup Artist

Facebook: Suki Ng

11) Epie Temerloh

1This guy absolutely gave justice to his blog’s name, ‘Miracle Touch by Epie Temerloh’ considering how amazing the transformation he made to his customers.


Website: Miracle Touch by Epie Temerloh

Contact: 0193445429

Facebook: Epie Temerloh

Instagram: @epietemerloh87


Stay tuned with us for more exciting lists!

Stay fabulous!

Black Out Secret with Coni Beauty | Beauty Tryouts

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Familiar with the saying ‘Black is Beauty’? We’re going to reveal a ‘Black out Secret’ in this week’s beauty tryouts, and yes, it involves something black.

Introducing… Beauty Whitening Black Jelly Mask by Coni Beauty! This is no ordinary jelly mask as it uses charcoal that effectively draws oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores. In just 30 minutes after applying the mask, your skin will feel fresh, bright, elastic and no longer oily!


Seriously, 30 minutes? Well, to prove that, here comes our human tester to the rescue! Best thing about jelly mask unlike sheet mask, is that they won’t fall off if you tilt your head at an odd angle. In other words, you can wear it even while you’re working!

DSC_1220How to use:

1. Wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser.

2. Apply jelly mask approximately thickness 0.3cm- 0.5cm by using a spatula. Spread evenly all over the face.

3.After 30 minutes, remove the jelly mask by scraping gently from outside to inside.

4. Rinse your face with water.

PicMonkey Collage2

Here’s what our human tester have to say about the jelly mask:

PicMonkey Collage

“At first I was reluctant to wear it simply because it is black. Lol! However, after applying the black jelly mask, it actually gives a cooling sensation and it is super comfortable on the skin. My skin is less oily and I feel so fresh too! I love it!”

PicMonkey Collage1

” My face feel really cool when putting the jelly on. I actually feel revitalized and to be honest, I felt younger too! The best thing was that this jelly mask does not have any overwhelming smell. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s not that sticky”

Well, don’t judge a book by its cover okay? We actually felt that both our human testers look more radiant as though they put on a foundation after using the mask. Perhaps we can’t really see major whitening effect because to be fair this was their first time putting it on. We’re sure if she uses it regularly, the effect can be seen.


They do looked brighter and more radiant! 

Till next time~


The Fabulous HiTeam

Put your Best Foot Forward with Beauty Foot | Beauty Tryouts

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You know how they always say…no pain, no gain?

Well, in this case, there’s virtually no pain, but much to gain! Today, we put our best foot forward with Beauty Foot, a natural peeling foot treatment!

How to Use

Highly raved in Japan, each pack of Beauty Foot comes with two foot masks. The instructions are simple – Clean your feet, put the masks on for 60-90 minutes and wash off. Your feet will then start to peel within 5-7 days to rid itself of dead, callused skin (ew!).

Our human tester who shall remain anonymous, noticed that the masks smelled rather like alcohol or nail polish remover. However, she found it to be quite cooling on her feet. The masks are also one size fits all!

“I have rough, dry and cracked heels, and I’m not a fan of greasy creams. If this treatment does the job, I wouldn’t mind the squishy process every 3 weeks!”




IT WORKED! Within 4-5 days, our human tester’s feet started to peel in various places, including the crevices between the toes and toe nails. It didn’t hurt or sting, and the peeling process lasted for about 3 days. In fact, it felt quite gratifying to peel off the dead skin (shh don’t tell anyone).

We did notice that wearing slippers or sandals might be uncomfortable during this period, and would recommend wearing closed-toed shoes instead. And yes, do keep a broom or vacuum cleaner handy if you are expecting guests. ;) Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Before After

Voila…here’s the before/after picture with younger-looking, smoother, hydrated skin and no more cracked heels. We are beyond amazed by the results and would definitely do this again, peeling skin and all. Now…time to whip on those stiletto heels.

Give your feet a break with Beauty Foot!

We’ll see you soon, fabulous people! *waves*
Love, The Fabulous HiTeam

Be Smart, Moisturize with Gelsmart! | Beauty Tryouts

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We’ve heard of moisturizing creams for our hands and feet, but what about moisturizing gloves and booties?

It’s an all-comfy and pleasant scented wear, that can be worn anytime of the day.

Gelsmart, has definitely lived up to its name. Their smart gloves and booties has healing therapeutic gel lining which will pamper your hands and feet by moisturizing and conditioning your skin while you wear them. This moisture-infused gloves and booties will also reduce roughness, cracking and rejuvenate skin cells. It is for sure, another solution to improve the condition of your skin!


Gelsmart’s ceramides scented moisturizing gloves are worn, just like any other gloves, except that this gloves gives out a sweet smell. Remember to wash your hands thoroughly, before putting on the gloves – it helps to keep the lovely gloves clean as well :)  Once they are well fitted in your hands, wear it for about 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Next, we have the lavender scented moisturizing booties.


Before putting on the booties, it would be best to wash your feet and dry them thoroughly as well. Putting them on is simple! It is just like wearing socks. Similar to the gloves, put the booties on for 20-30 minutes, 2-3 times a week. For more intensive treatment, moisturizing cream can be used.

The gel lining in the gloves and booties consists of seven essential oils, which are mineral oil USP, jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, canola oil and soybean oil. Imagine having all these oils on your hands and feet without having to feel oily and icky! Here, you have them all in one pair of comfortable gloves/booties. It is definitely worth a try.


Tien Hui, who experiences dry and rough skin, tried out Gelsmart’s moisturizing gloves and booties. Here’s what she has to say about them:

“Both the gloves and the booties are easy to put on! They are also comfortable that it helps me relax more, especially my feet, after a tiring day from walking. 30 minutes passes so fast when I wear it. My hands and feet have been moisturized and is in much better condition since using the gloves and booties.”

The good news is that Gelsmart doesn’t only offer moisturizing gloves and booties. They have anti-aging neck wrap, moisturizing heels and shin sleeves as well!

They are all on sale now, so check out their range of products HERE.

Simply Beautiful with SimplySiti | CCDD Cream & Hidra Vita

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When SimplySiti launched their new CCDD Cream and Hidra Vita range, we were enthralled by the sleek, professional packaging.


If you were wondering what CCDD stands for (join the club), let us enlighten you.

CCDD = Colour Corrector. Disguise & Diminish.

Essentially, the cream is a ‘Multi Marvel in a Tube’, with micro-encapsulated pigments for a flawless skintone, orange stem cell to diminish spots and yield a satin-smooth radiance.


Meanwhile, the SimplySiti Hidra Vita Treatment Creams are jam packed with nutrients for your skin – from Anti-Aging to Brightening and Calming benefits. Choose from Vitamins A, B, C or E!

Today, our HiLife Human Testers, Mabel & Sharifah, put these products to the test.


Choosing Hidra Vita E to sooth her dehydrated skin, Mabel squeezed out a dollop of the cream and applied it on her face. It absorbed fairly quickly and did not leave any greasy residue – a definite plus!

CCDD1Next, Mabel tried the CCDD Cream in ‘Light Beige‘. Makeup junkies would know that a multi-functional product may cause a white overcast. We’re glad to report that this did not occur with the CCDD Cream, and the micro-pigments in the cream blended easily into the skin.


The final result? Smoother, more radiant skin. Be gone, pigmentation, dark circles and blemishes!



Our next human tester, Sharifah, started with the Hidra VIta C cream which contains concentrated Vitamin C to brighten and nourish the skin. She then applied the CCDD Cream in Medium Beige all over her skin.

Can you tell the difference? We noticed that the cream helped to disguise oily skin, minimise pores and even out her skin tone in an instant.

Final verdict on the CCDD Cream?

We liked that the cream stayed true to its name, helping to correct skintone and disguise common skin problems without over-complicating the process like many other similar creams out there. It simply worked!

Impressed? We definitely are! To find out more, visit SimplySiti.

Till next time, stay fabulous! xoxo